PRESS RELEASE - Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards Marks World Standards Day on 14 October


Press Release    October  5, 2017 

Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards Marks World Standards Day on 14 October

Every year, in October the St. Lucia Bureau of Standards (SLBS) undertakes activities in commemoration of World Standards Day (WSD), observed on October 14th. This year’s activities are hosted under the theme “Standards make Cities Smarter” 

The theme embodies the global standards agenda to inspire community consensus on a series of good practice for cities based on standards, where performance standards help cities acquire and make available appropriate infrastructure and services, ensure data available is suitable for use in a range of service delivery sectors and guidance to help city officials define their targets. 

In St. Lucia, the SLBS uses the opportunity to advocate for an appreciation of standardization to improve our quality of life as well as to showcase opportunities for implementation of standards by all sectors, to improve access to services as well as promote the value of standards for trade and commerce.

Of the activities to mark the observance, are an address to the nation to be delivered by the Minister with responsibility for the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards Hon. Bradley Felix to be aired on Friday 13th October on NTN and all major television stations.

The SLBS is also working closely with schools to promote the value of standards in education.   An annual collaboration with the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College on the delivery of a series of presentations to students on key areas of standardization which impact their courses in a cross-section of disciplines is into the fifth year.


The SLBS and the SALCC have created the opportunity to share with the students a real world demonstration of the application of standards, as part of an effort to create awareness among the next generation of employees of the ubiquity of standards in all endeavours.  This is part of an ongoing effort of the standards community to advocate for a place in the education curriculum for standardization and conformity assessment.

The schools engagement also extends to secondary schools with an entire week from Monday October 9th to October 13th as SBA Week.   It will be an opportunity for students preparing their school based assessments to meet with our technical staff to give direction and assistance on this critical part of school assignment.

The SLBS has over the years provided assistance to many students seeking information on standards, regulations and conformity assessment.  The hope is that a week specifically focused on providing assistance with SBA’s, should ensure that more students will seek information and include standards in the discussion of their projects.

This year we are pleased to welcome the following secondary schools to our facilities at Bisee, Sir Ira Simmons, Vide Boutielle, Castries Comprehensive, Babonneau and Entrepot.  Schools are encouraged to have the avail themselves of the opportunity for one on one engagement with the technical staff on the subject of standards and regulations in their projects.  The aim is to bring an understanding of the role of standards and recognition of the application of standards, conformity assessment and metrology in all areas of social and economic life.

The activities culminate with a technical committee awards slated for October 13th at the Financial Centre, Vigie, Castries.  This is a major activity in commemorating World Standards Day.  It gives the SLBS an opportunity to show appreciation for the local experts who assist with standards development.

This is a critical part of standardization and WSD was established to pay tribute to the many volunteers on technical committees who work with standards organization around the world to develop standards.

For further information, please call Head of Department – Information, Mrs. Virnet St. Omer-Fontenelle at 453-0049/720-8756/453-0339

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