PRESS RELEASE - SLBS to Provide Training in Label Design

Press Release     September 13, 2017 


SLBS to provide Training in Label Design




The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards is expanding opportunities for the use of standards with a new training program to support service providers involved in the design of labels for products being offered for sale.

The training will be around two standards, Specification for Labelling of Commodities – Pre Packaged Goods and Labelling of Pre-packaged Foods.

The two standards are administered under the Compulsory Standards Compliance Programme of the SLBS and cover all goods entering the ports and those manufactured and offered for sale in Saint Lucia.

The training is designed to take graphic artists and other interest through the requirements of the standards in a step by step format to improve compliance to the labeling standards before products are offered for sale as well as to ensure the speed of completion of evaluation of labels submitted for assessment with the SLBS.

The SLBS received a total of six hundred and sixty-two (662) labels for assessment in April 2016 to March 2017; of that number twenty six percent (26%) failed resulting in delays to the customer.  Acting Director and Head of the Compliance Programme Hubert Reynolds says, to avoid the frequency in the resubmission of labels for assessment or instances of non-compliance during market surveillance, which will require a removal of products from store shelves, the training will help graphic artists get it right the first time and minimize long delay in approval.

The training will be offered over a half day period, with the first one scheduled for October 18th at 9am at the SLBS’ offices in Bisee.

For more information contact Head of Information Vernet St. Omer-Fontenelle or 453-0049/720-8756

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