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World Standards Day 2017



October 14th is World Standards Day. Join the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards as we recognize the work of experts in the field of standardization for their service to improving our lives. This years WDS theme is “Standards Makes Cities Smarter".The SLBS will be making the observance with a number of activities to include; Schools Based Assessment Day and Sir Arthur Lewis Community College Engagement Series.

See below for an introduction to SBA Day.


SBA Day 2017 



Students enjoying a session at SBA Day 2016





The objective of SBA Day is to give an opportunity to students preparing their school based assessments to meet with our technical staff to give direction and assistance on this critical part of school assignment where standardization and conformity assessment guidelines can be applied.

The SLBS has over the years provided assistance to many students seeking information on standards, regulations and conformity assessment.  We hope that a day specifically dedicated to providing assistance with SBA’s should ensure that more students will seek information and include standards in the discussion of their projects.

We encourage all students avail themselves of the opportunity for one on one engagement with our technical staff on the subject.  The aim is to bring an understanding of the role of standards and recognition of the application of standards, conformity assessment and metrology in all areas of social and economic life. 

The focus on students will also create a generation with an appreciation for quality and standards as the SLBS seeks to fulfill its mandate to develop a quality culture in Saint Lucia.

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