Press Release - Saint Lucia Standard Mark for two Outstanding Products


Press Release -  April 4, 2017

Saint Lucia Standard Mark for two Outstanding Products

A section of the bottled water sector in Saint Lucia is demonstrating confidence in the value of certification with a relicensing to the Saint Lucia Standard Mark.

Sunfresh Limited the makers of H2O bottled Water, is into its sixth year of certification while Blue Waters is into its second year since the establishment of its local operations in Saint Lucia.  The relicensing agreement gives the assurance to consumers that quality is an important feature of these businesses.

The Saint Lucia Standard Mark, is awarded following an audit, which surveys the companies against the requirements of two standards; Specification for Packaged Water and The Code of Hygienic Practice for the Collecting, Processing and Marketing of Packaged Water.  Used together the standards call for strict adherence to purity, treatment, bacteriological acceptability, packaging and labelling with the end goal to guarantee a safe, healthy and wholesome product.

The Saint Lucia Standard Mark is a product mark which allows real benefits to subscribing businesses.  This means the development of a culture across all levels of the organization about safety, hygiene and all other issues which may impact on the quality of the final product.

The new licensing agreement between the SLBS and the two companies took place at the SLBS facilities at Bisee on Thursday, April 6, 2017 at 10:00 a.m.





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