Press Release - SLBS to recognize Six Spas on Award of Certification



Press Release                                                                                March 13, 2017

SLBS to recognize Six Spas on Award of Certification

The Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards will recognize the achievement of six spas awarded the Saint Lucia Quality Logo under the Beauty & Wellness Certification Programme.

The Beauty and Wellness Certification Programme is a three tier system, Bronze, Gold and Platinum for which beauty and wellness establishments can become certified as having met the strictest requirements for hygiene and safety practices in their establishments.

Two spas achieved a first, certified to the platinum level, the highest award under the programme.  Escape Ste Lisi Day Spa  and Saint Lucia Health and Beauty Co Ltd, met the requirements of SLCP 13:2012 and SLCP 13 Pt 2: 2014  Particular Requirements for Spas making the two models of excellence in the sector.

Four of the spas, Face to Face Day Spa, Tranquil Spa, Stella’s Spa, Body Renovation Salon and Spa, were awarded bronze certification based on meeting the requirements of the Saint Lucia Code of Practice for Beauty and Wellness – SLCP 13:2012.

The quality logo is proof that the establishments have met the requirements of the relevant standard and have submitted to a programme of rigorous inspection and examination to meet the requirements for certification.

The Beauty and Wellness Sector is a rapidly growing sector making a significant contribution to economic development.  Standards for the sector set basic requirements to address potential health and safety issues which may arise in the conduct of business.  The sector has inherent characteristics which may pose a number of medical risks to both the client and the practitioners.

The risks pose include the likely spread of disease (bacterial, fungal, viral), nail, hair and skin damage, and keloid formation to name a few.

The spas sector has been aggressively pushing for an enhanced service based on quality and has been leaders in health and safety hygiene supported by the Code.  The Beauty and Wellness Sector consists of hair salons, barber shops, Spas, skin piercing facilities including tattoo palours and cosmetology parlours.

The Saint Lucia Coalition Service Industries, under the CSME standby facility for the implementation of the project, “Developing Saint Lucia Services Sector.” collaborated with the SLBS in getting the spas to the point of certification.The Coalition has been the driving force in creating the opportunity for the spas to appreciate the need for the highest quality in the sector and make possible certification.

The recognition ceremony will take place on Monday, March 20, at the SLBS conference room in Bisee, at 10:30am 

For further information kindly contact Vernet Fontenelle, 1758-453-0049/720-8756

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