STANDARDS Link - Volume 1 Issue 16 - Faces of Metrology

Faces of Metrology



Anyone who has had professional contact with Anselm Gittens would have appreciated the depth of his knowledge of metrology and conformity assessment.  As the longest serving member of staff he has distinguished himself as a repository of information a human knowledge bank for anything from information of the products and services of the SLBS to lively anecdotes in the life of the organization.

The last 20 years have found Mr. Gittens at the Head of the Metrology Department, committing this country to the highest targets in measurement thereby, assuring consumers everywhere of the maturity of the structures to advance fairness in trade.

 He is proudest of his input in fashioning the Metrology Act #14 of 2000, a piece of model legislation when you hear him say it, which has informed similar laws across the region.  While he is the head of the metrology department, Anselm says the early leadership of the SLBS has a lot to do with where the department is today, winner of the prestigious OIML Award for 2015.

Kevin Charlemagne began work with the Bureau in September of 2001 and there has never since been a dull moment.  My background in Industrial Engineering has made me appreciate the importance of accurate measurements and its impact on society on the whole.  I am generally a quiet and reserved person and would find solace in DIY projects whether in the home or at work.  I have grown to love my job as there is always something new to learn about weights and measures.
Miguel Regis is a Metrology Assistant who has been with the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards for nine years.  This unassuming Saint Mary’s College graduate is both reserved and extroverted at the same time, the archetype of the metrology personality.  Miguel embraces his job in the department especially as most of his tasks are conducted off site as such he gets to travel around the island.  He enjoys work every day because his co- workers are very easy to get along with and associating with them is always entertaining.
Julian Roberts is an Inspector Assistant; he joined the department in 2011.  He says his motto is work hard dream big.  There has been no shortage of work in the three years since his appointment.  Julien has grown professionally under the guidance of his supervisors; he is part of a motivated team which helps him to strive to reach his full potential.
Majura Romulus is the first female employee of the Metrology Department.  Ms. Romulus brings to the department a good knowledge of physics a subject which makes any team member an asset to the department.  She is at home in a department which routinely engages in some muscular work,  her deep love for physical activity ensures she carries her own weight and can often be seen lugging pieces of tools effortlessly to and from her work station.
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