STANDARDS Link Vol 2 Issue 15 - A Group of Health & Beauty Establishments Lead the Charge in Quality


A Group of Health and Beauty Establishments lead the charge in Quality


An 2014 was the year of certification, Five spas earned the right to be called industry leaders, when they became certified to the Saint Lucia Code of Practice for Beauty and Wellness SLCP 13:2012.  

The code establishes the minimum requirements for the provision of quality services by beauty and wellness practitioners.  The spas, Escape Ste Lisi Day Spa, Cool Water Day Spa, Saint Lucia Health and Beauty Co. Ltd., Touch Therapies Day Spa and Spa De La Mer will receive the SLBS Quality Logo.  

The award was given under three levels of Bronze, Gold and Platinum.  The awardees have all met the requirements for certification to level 1 – Bronze.  

The certification was a collaborative endeavour, involving the spas, the Saint Lucia Coalition of Services, the Trade Export Promotion Agency TEPA with support from the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards.  

With this first batch of certification it is expected that it will be a bench mark for all in the sector -, hair salons, barber shops, cosmetology palours, gym, skin piercing facilities to include tattoo businesses.  

The aim of the beauty and wellness standard is to ensure the safety of the customer by employing hygienic practices in the delivery of services. 

While certification to the standard is voluntary, the hope is that the public will demand that persons who provide the services demonstrate adherence to safety by becoming certified.


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