Safety and protection of the consumer is a major focus of the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards. The Compulsory Standards Compliance Programme (CSCP) was designed to ensure that all imported and locally produced goods for which there is a compulsory standard meets the requirements of the relevant standard in order to be retailed on the local market.

The Compliance programme is critical to consumers, manufacturers, retailers, importers and distributors as it helps to prevent the entry of sub-standard products into the market and ensures fair competition.

The Compliance Department of the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards is responsible for the Compulsory Standards Compliance Programme. The Compulsory Standards Compliance Programme is in keeping with the SLBS strategic objective to align its standardization programs with national economic and social needs.

Components of the Compulsory Standard Compliance Programme 

Import Monitoring

  • Tyre Inspection
  • Warehouse Inspection 
  • Packaged Water 
  • Electrical Safety Appliance Testing
  • General Label Assessment

Market Surveillance

  • Packaged Water Surveillance
  • General retail surveillance

Plant Inspection

  • Packaged Water Plant Inspection

Voluntary Label Assessment

Benefits of the CSCP Programme

    * Prevents the entry of cheap, sub standard products into Saint Lucia;
    * Promotes industrial efficiency;
    * Fair competition;
    * Consumer Protection;
    * Helps to Manage Risk;
    * Better quality Products;
    * Safer products;
    * Properly labelled products.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified