Functions of the Bureau

 In order to promote the general welfare of the nation, the aims and objectives of the Saint Lucia Bureau of Standards are to:

co-ordinate standardization and related activities at all levels (e.g. company, national, regional and               international);
prepare and promulgate national standards;
promote and encourage the maintenance of standards for the improvement of goods and services,           processes and practices either produced or used in Saint Lucia. This may be effected through a national       certification mark programme;
promote quality control in industry;
verify quality through inspection, testing and certification;
ensure industrial efficiency and development;
regulate all weights and measures activities to facilitate fair trading activities;
utilize standards to promote trade and safeguard the nation against "dumping" of goods of inferior               quality;
promote Metrology as a necessary accompaniment to standardization;
inform policy makers on all standardization and other relevant technical matters which require policy           formulation.

The above thus highlights the activities of the Bureau in the major areas of:
Standards Development